Saturday, 14 July 2012

In the Summer time...

I'm still alive and definitely kicking ;D

Weight wise no changes (not gaining is good, but not losing isn't in line with my goals!), but since May work piled up... Luckily now we are officially in Summer mode :D That means less work and really icky hot & humid weather. Yuck!

Anyway, now that I'm able to get back home at a decent time, I've been taking better care of my food choices and preparing the next day a whole lot better. I was eating veggie omelets for breakfast everyday until the beginning of June and when I went for my check-up, I was told I have high cholesterol... I was a bit miffed to be honest, I generally eat healthy food and I sure as hell eat better than pretty much everyone else around me, so I was pissed to have 282, which is really, REALLY high. So since then I've cut back on the loaded breakkies, which is sad because I did find that a nice big breakfast kept me going until lunch without the stomach rumblings... Which have returned since I left my omelets :(

So now I've had to reorganize my whole food intake, and I've made a few changes, notable in the breakfast department. Now I eat this everyday:

I'm not happy about the sugar content... Does anyone know of a high fiber breakfast that has no added sugar?!

I'm not taking the challenge or whatever, I just thought I'd give it a go for a while. It's really expensive in Japan though! OMG! First they sell it in packs of 235grams (WTF?!) and then it costs about 300 yen (Almost 4 USD). So now my breakfasts consist of 40grams of this, 200ml of 0.1% fat milk which adds up to around 200kcal. I also eat a piece of fruit (apple, banana, orange, kiwi) and if I feel like it I might add a small dose of crappy carbs like a toast of a cracotte. That keeps me going until 1pm, but to be honest I do feel hungry around 11.30... I'll give my body a bit longer to adapt to the new breakfast, or I was thinking of eating the crappy carb later in the morning, but because of my braces it's a pain to remove them for mini snacks and for a 10minute break.

I'm pretty much settling down to my new routine now, I went to Zumba on Wednesday (Yayay!) and I even took a co-worker with me for her to see what I was always rambling about. On Thursday I went to the pool but only stayed for 40 minutes... I'm going to look into doing different exercises instead of just sticking my zumba and running.

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