Sunday, 22 July 2012

Moza... Ehla!

In my last post, I mentioned I had some mint leaves growing... I also grow basil. That stuff grows out of control!!!

I actually don't eat enough of it to be honest, at least I don't seem to be able to eat it at the rate it grows. It also dawned on me that I'm growing herbs on my balcony in Tokyo... And there was a nuclear accident in the north of the country. I was getting myself worked up over it, if my herbs were healthy for consumption that is, but considering most of our vegetables come from Japan, we're f*cked anyway, and there seems to be no problem with the stuff that's pretty far away from the plant, but we can't really know for sure... Even last week there was a man selling really cheap peaches outside the train station (300yen for 5 big ones, I usually buy 3 small peaches for that price), and I wanted to buy them but then I didn't know where they were from and if they were from an area close to Fukushima, he probably wouldn't tell me anyway, so I didn't even stop to check them out properly. I digress...

So in an attempt to use my "home-grown" herbs, I ruffled up this as a late evening snack:

Fresh mozzarella
pepper and salt

Loves it!!!! The BF also loves it, so I only get to eat half of it. I know I keep on going on about it, but good (western) food is such a ripoff in Japan... When I was in university I'd eat fresh cheese all the time, here it's a weekly thing because 100grams of that cheese costs 300yen (about 4USD).

On another basil note, a few weeks ago I  made some pesto using LOADS of basil, some mozzarella cheese, natural yoghurt, olive oil, garlic and a bit more seasoning. It was good but the garlic was a bit of overkill, as were the calories from the pasta. I'll try it again soon, but I'll try to substitute the pasta for something else, I wonder if the Shirataki (angel noodles) will do.

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