Friday, 20 July 2012

Strawberry Mint

As the weather (humidity!!!) goes up, my energy levels go down...

In Japan we have to save energy now, because most of the nuclear reactors are turned off... So the AC isn't used as much as it could be.

Anyway, I've been growing mint on my balcony (and some other stuff), let's face it, I started growing it for the Mojitos. Fresh mint is difficult to find and terribly expensive. Anyway, I haven't had a mojito in over a month now, so the mint plant is kind of becoming a small shrub! I started thinking of how I could use it, besides for mint tea.


I got some frozen strawberries, non fat natural yoghurt, and a few mint leaves and... Voilá!

I also added some powdered collagen, just to get a boost for my skin and stuff.

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