I love gadgets!!!

I love to buy all types of cool stuff, and with my new lifestyle I have been able to indulge a bit!

For my new lifestyle, I use...

Precision scale

This is a cool little thing, it measures up to 1kg and in intervals of 0.5grams (!!!).
The coolest feature is that you can reset it to 0 even when there is stuff on top, so it takes away the mathematical issues.

Heart rate monitor

This is one of my most recent acquisitions, before this I had a cheaper model that was, in retrospect, crap. I use this (and the heart strap) every time I exercise and it helps me to keep tabs on my heart rate and calories burned.


I've had this for a couple of years. It measures in intervals of 50grams and also gives info on fat, muscle, water, bone density and calorie consumption. I don't know how accurate it is for these little add ons, but it does what it's supposed to do I guess!

Tape Measure (Yes, I did add this as a gadget!)

I have one like this but in bright pink :D I recommend these retractable ones because they are less cumbersome. I generally measure up twice a month and I use an app to keep track of my measurements and weight (Check the online tools for details).