Monday, 27 February 2012

Endulge in a Snickers by Atkins?!

I bought these over a month ago, along with another version.

Having said that, are they diet material?

I've decided to do a comparison between the Atkins version and the real Snickers, because basically this is a Snickers knock off.

In the interest of fairness, I've actually done the math so that one serving of Atkins (34grams) had the same weight as the Snickers. So I used data from the Snickers 2 to go, 47grams 2 servings. Of course it's still not perfect, because of the chocolate covering and blablabla...

                                    Atkins 34 grams            Snickers 34 grams           So Atkins...

Calories                            130Kcal                        159.2Kcal                  -29.2Kcal
  Calories from fat              80Kcal                          72Kcal                        -8Kcal
     Total fat                           8g                                  8g                              same
     Saturated fat                    4g                                  2.6g                      +1.4grams
Cholesterol                        <5mg                                3.6mg                    negligible
Sodium                               70mg                              83.2mg                       -6.8mg
Total Carbohydrate             17g                                 20.3g                          -3.3g
   Dietary Fiber                     6g                                   0.5g                          +5.5g
   Sugars                                1g                                16.6g                          -15.6g
Protein                                  5g                                  2.9g                           +2.1g

So, what do you think?
Is it worth it? Should we just avoid chocolate all together? These snacks aren't on the cheap side...

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Yummy Skewers

Here's something we love to eat at home:

Skewers with onion, chicken breast, spring onion, pumpkin and garlic. I don't add any seasoning.

 I'm not sure about the calorie count, but It should be little more than the chicken, all the other things are very low calorie.

This with some tasty salad makes for a yummy dinner :) I also take it to work in my lunch box, but I remove the food from the skewers first!