Online tools

There are several online resources that we have available. I've used quite a few before, but now I currently I use:

This is an online weight loss community, they have plenty of information. I pretty much just use the forum to talk to others who are going through the same process. I haven't been very active due to time restraints, online forums can be rather addicting/time consuming.

My Fitness Pal is an online diet journal and I it. It has a calorie counter with a HUGE food database: pretty much all the major brands in the US. I've also added about 100 local foods that I use. They also have a forum. I use the app on my phone everyday. I use this app on my iphone. I use to keep a record of my weight, fat/muscle/water %'s, measurements, etc. It can also make cute little graphs so you can see the results as if you were an economist. I actually think the app is mediocre, but it's free and I haven't found another app to replace it with.

I've used for about two years now. I've tried other apps (my friends love but I keep on coming back to this one. I use it regularly and now it has a "Goal" function which I find rather motivating :)