First of all, I am NOT A DOCTOR!

As a matter of personal choice, I avoid any kind of medication and most supplements, I tend to think they are all marketing ploys aimed at selling us stuff we don't need.
I firmly believe that a natural, healthy diet is the best way to supplement your lifestyle...

That being said, I have a drawer full of stuff.

Stuff I've used before:

I think this needs no introduction...

Not sure why I started taking this, but it's generally accepted as healthy. Also, my DH has a fish allergy so we don't eat that much fish at home.
I've always had problems with my joints... And I'm 28 years old. I would always have pain in my wrists/ankles especially. I'd also noticed this when exercising... So I started taking this. I know usually older people take this. All I know is my wrists haven't hurt me since and they "crack" a lot less. (Update: I've stopped taking this. My wrists crack more but my knees/ankles are much better; might have something to do with the fact that I weigh less!)

I'd had problems with stretch marks since my teens, and since I hit the 10kg/22lb weight loss, I noticed my skin was not as firm as I'd like. That and I'm getting old. Anyway, I decided to try collagen supplements to help the skin.

Stuff I use when I remember:

This one is supposed to help clear you Liver. A friend was taking a liquid version that her nutritionist recommended, and my mom told me about a friend who's doctor also recommended it after weight loss... I'm not sure if any results in terms of weight loss were there, but I did feel less hungry (Placebo?) Also, I took the 1000mg per day instead of the 500mg the bottle suggests.

Not sure how I feel about this stuff, I don't usually remember to take it and I'd prefer to lose weight without these gimmicks... But hey, I'll try anything. I can't say I noticed any weight loss that wasn't there with dieting and without the pills.

This is probably the most radical (dangerous?) thing I've tried... If it works, I wouldn't know because I couldn't take it for more than a week. It does what is says on the box, it will "heat you up" "boost your metabolism" "give you energy" but in my case that meant I slept like 12 hours in one week. I didn't feel tired but I didn't feel good... I stopped taking it because I was afraid of what it was doing to me! Maybe this is what it is supposed to feel like, but I just didn't feel good about it.

And the famous:
This was all the rage a while ago... It's supposed to clean out the "exhaust pipe". I highly doubt our body needs it, as I think "sh*t" removes itself naturally, our bodies are mean, lean working machines. Either way, I have used it.