Friday, 25 May 2012

Getting In Line

I've been absent, but I'm not off the diet wagon.

I went on vacation to one of those gorgeous places you see in magazines, and it was EPIC! So was the weight gain. Then I came back and got overloaded with work, which seems to be the theme for the next few weeks.

But the real news is... Wait for it... I GOT MY BRACES!

So these are my new invisalign braces.

As you can see I have a colossal gaps between my teeth, and hopefully in 50 weeks I'll be able to smile and be proud :) I'll add a counter somewhere, cuz I'm really looking forward to having a better smile!

Hopefully this will also help with my diet, because I have to take them off before eating, and it's a bit of a pain in that place. No more snacking for me :D

Anyway, I have loads of cool stuff to post about, so I'll be a good blogger from now on, promise!

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