Monday, 27 February 2012

Endulge in a Snickers by Atkins?!

I bought these over a month ago, along with another version.

Having said that, are they diet material?

I've decided to do a comparison between the Atkins version and the real Snickers, because basically this is a Snickers knock off.

In the interest of fairness, I've actually done the math so that one serving of Atkins (34grams) had the same weight as the Snickers. So I used data from the Snickers 2 to go, 47grams 2 servings. Of course it's still not perfect, because of the chocolate covering and blablabla...

                                    Atkins 34 grams            Snickers 34 grams           So Atkins...

Calories                            130Kcal                        159.2Kcal                  -29.2Kcal
  Calories from fat              80Kcal                          72Kcal                        -8Kcal
     Total fat                           8g                                  8g                              same
     Saturated fat                    4g                                  2.6g                      +1.4grams
Cholesterol                        <5mg                                3.6mg                    negligible
Sodium                               70mg                              83.2mg                       -6.8mg
Total Carbohydrate             17g                                 20.3g                          -3.3g
   Dietary Fiber                     6g                                   0.5g                          +5.5g
   Sugars                                1g                                16.6g                          -15.6g
Protein                                  5g                                  2.9g                           +2.1g

So, what do you think?
Is it worth it? Should we just avoid chocolate all together? These snacks aren't on the cheap side...

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